Dec 26th

Potential Benefits of Tanning

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Potential Benefits of Tanning


The Positive Effects of The Sun, inspired lotion companies to create lotions that help you maximize your enjoyment of the sun and tanning results, while at the same time preventing burning, skin dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles. Make an informed decision in accordance with your skin type about sunbathing, and enjoy an active, sun-loving, “all things in moderation” Heliotherapy Lifestyle.

Nature’s Skin Protection

It is commonly known that our natural tanning process provides protection against burning. Unlike some sunscreens, a tan provides reliable, full-spectrum (UV-A / UV-B) protection from burning. Your natural tan offers protection that doesn’t rub, sweat or wear off the way sun screen lotion can.

Prevention of Some Cancers

People who live in regions with more sunlight have been found to have a lower incidence of death from ovarian, breast and colon cancers than those who live in places with less sunlight.

Other Causes of Skin Cancer

High fat diets have been linked to a higher incidence of the most common forms of skin cancer — non-melanoma. In one medical study, patients with pre-cancerous lesions were found to develop fewer lesions after switching to a low fat diet compared with those who remained on a higher fat diet.

Vitamin D, Osteoporosis Prevention

Sunlight and sun-tanning beds that emit UV-B are reliable sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D is necessary for our bodies to use the calcium we get in our diet. This vitamin is found in few foods. One study showed that vitamin D was largely lacking in the fortified milk supply in the U.S. Your skin produces vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight. A sunscreen of SPF 8 or higher has been found to disable and halt the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D.

Seasonal Depression Therapy

Sunlight and simulated sunlight “doses” are a successful treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as the “winter blues.” Sunlight exposure has been found to improve low winter moods. Indoor lighting, on the other hand, is generally perceived by the brain as near darkness.

Reduce Symptoms of PMS

Exposure to bright light has been found to help alleviate some symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, such as mild depression and mood swings, irritability, physical discomfort, and social withdrawal.

A Strong Biological Clock For Optimal Health

Having well-synchronized circadian rhythms, or biological clock, results in a better quality sleep, daytime alertness, and optimal health in general. The more sunlight exposure you get during the day, the more in-sync with your environment your circadian rhythms will be.

Psoriasis Treatment

Exposure to UV-light is commonly prescribed by doctors to alleviate the unsightly appearance and discomfort of psoriasis. Drugs such as psoralens have been developed to work in conjunction with UV-light treatments. Those with psoriasis should consult their doctor before proceeding with any treatment program.

Jet Lag Prevention

“Doses” of sunlight or simulated sunlight timed carefully upon arrival in a new time zone, can re-set your body’s biological clock resulting in less day time drowsiness and better quality nighttime sleep.

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